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Nuclear War-Inevitable or Preventable?

Will there be a Cold War II, or World War III?

Is nuclear terrorism just around the corner?

These as well as many other questions should be on the

minds of Americans right now but sadly they are not.

This web site will attempt to sound a warning as to

the very real nuclear dangers that America faces,

now, and whose dangers are ever increasing.

The end of the Cold War, we were told put to rest Americas' multigenerational fear-

total nuclear war between the Soviet Union and the United States.

While I won't dispute the fact that the chances of all-out thermonuclear war have decreased

greatly, the bitter irony of the Post-Cold War period is that while the chances for a full

scale nuclear exchange have decreased; perhaps disappeared the chances for a limited

nuclear exchange between the United States and someone other than Russia have

increased exponentially.

The reasons for the increased threat are numerous, therefore this site will be broken down

into several sections. Feel free to skip around the site to areas that interest you most.

 As long as nuclear weapons continue to exist, our collective future will remain hostage to a

continuing act of self-restraint by the leaders of the world's major powers.

Section 1.-General Overview of nuclear weapons history and policy

Section 2.-Civil Defense & Ballistic Missile Defense

Subsection 2.a -Civil Defense

Subsection 2.b-Ballistic Missile Defense

Section 3.-The Death Of M.A.D. & the birth of new threats

Section 4.-The #1 myth of the nuclear age

Section 5.-Stratigies for facing the Post-Cold War threats

The author would like to thank the following people from whom information for this report was compiled.

Lawrence Freedman-The Evolution of Nuclear Strategy CopyRight 1981

Laurence Martin-The Changing Face Of Nuclear Warfare CopyRight 1987

Edward Zuckerman-The Day After World War III Copyright 1984

The author would also state that all information given in Section 5 is strictly the opinion of the author and that similar views may or may not be held be the above mentioned contributors to this report.

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September 11, 2001-One of the worst days in the history of the American Republic-What does could the future hold for U.S. Middle East relations?

Section 1.-General Overview of nuclear weapons and policy

On August 6, 1945 the first atomic bomb to be used in combat was dropped on the Japanese city of

Hiroshima. This was in response to the likelihood that a US land invasion of Japan would have to be

initiated in order to bring about a Japanese surrender. President Truman, fearing the slaughter that

would take place on both sides should that happen, turned to a new type of weapon, that only recently

had been secretly tested in the Nevada desert. This new weapon was unlike anything that had come

before it. It used the fundamental power of the universe to create magnificent amounts of destruction.

The weapon held the promise of bringing about a quick and decisive end to the war. It also brought with

it the fear and later the reality the man now held in his power the ability to extinguish himself at any

given moment.

After the bombing of Hiroshima, three days later the city of Nagasaki was bombed. The weapons

used yielded 14,000 Tons of TNT & 21,000 Tons of TNT respectively. Later to be expressed as 14 & 21

kilotons. The immediate political effect of the use of these weapons was the unconditional surrender of

Japan. The secondary effects would include the United States becoming a world superpower as well as

the seeds of the Cold War being planted. Initially the weapons were simply thought of as being bigger

bombs, not having much effect on military strategy. This view would change in 1949 when the Soviet

Union exploded its' first atomic device The idea that the US was no longer in sole possession of these

weapons gave rise to develope plans for countermeasures. Sure as civil defense, air defense and

dispersion of production facilities among others.

Later advances in nuclear weapons technology, such as delivery as well as the ever increasing yield

and target accuracy, led to a cat and mouse game of new strategies & doctrines. As the number of

weapons & the yield increased, the agreed upon Strategic Doctrine changed from-Imediate all-out use

to Imediate limited use to Use as a last resort finally arriving at what we now know as M.A.D. or

Mutual Assured Destruction. The vast size and complexity of the arrsenals of the United States & the

Soviet Union made it impossable for any sane leader to contemplete a total or even limited use of these

weapons. While these strategies were perfectly sutted for their time the sole use of M.A.D. as Americas'

main nuclear doctrine I believe, needs to be motified for the world of 1998 & Beyond.

Section 2.-Civil Defense & Ballistic Missile Defense



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