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Selected Articles
1)Astrological Insights 1999
2)Seven Major Paths
3)Twelve Doors To Mastery
4)Law Of One
Astrological Insights 1999
Astrological Guide, Tia, Channeled by Leah Stansell, "Sensitive"
We say good-bye to 1998 as Saturn , representing both teacher and disciplinary influx, directs, in Aries, Dec. 29th with a thrust of transcended power and authority. Saturn reminds us-in the event that we had a memory lapse-that "Discipline is focus to our "Higher Self", to our "Light!" Saturn whispers in our ears softly: "You're a student first; look for the lesson-share what you learn-maintain humility."
Spirit/Transcended influx descending into matter and impregnating matter; and the energies of completion and beginning of cycles was the harvest of 1998-a 9 year that brought us joy; sadness; harmony; chaos; bliss and a gamut of other emotions associated with human emotion. Most of all it brought us the insight of the depth of passion that goes with commitment and responsibility. As Terra continues to ascend, we begin to understand the "Power of Choice."
Cautiously, we move into 1999-aone year- blatantly urging us on, to allow our leadership qualities to shine through. How will we do it? Our "Firefly" has transformed into a "Laser", a love activated-spiritual energy ray!
The full moon in Cancer Jan. 1st brings us the harvest of the new moon Dec. 18th in Sagittarius. The abundance we "seeded" within the rhythm of that new moon is now our inheritance.
The new moon Jan 17th in Capricorn (Saturn influx) gives us an opportunity for more discipline/focus as we continue to "Shine"
As we move towards the full moon/lunar eclipse in Leo Jan. 31st, consider that a thrust of retrograde energies move in with this celestial event. Powerful, transformational vibrations ensue. Refocus, redirect; retrace your thoughts before you speak-even to yourself! The dark, hidden side of your emotional nature bursts forth. Check in with your "Light" (Higher self, oversoul, angel) as often as you can and glean insight and knowledge from these inner and outer dialogues. Clean out the closets of your mind and see yourself "Sparkle"
Feb. 16th, a new moon in Aquarius also brings us a solar eclipse. Seed and cultivate those harmonic/transcended vibrations as your "Awakening" accelerates. Masculine influx is associated with this eclipse allowing us to be creative and bring forth an abundance of leadership qualities.
The March 2nd full moon in Virgo brings forth our analytical nature as we complete tasks and projects begun during the preceding new moon.
Don't be caught off guard as the Mercury retrograde approaches in Aries, March 10th. Practice your "gentle" assertiveness" so that our "verbal speak" isn't perceived as aggressive. Call in your wizard or the master Guardian of the Root Chakra-also known as the "Joy Guide" to assist in softening your energy.
Ezekiel, Assistant Energy Recorder of Cosmic Energies, tells us that this Mercury retrograde is especially strong and intense; and will be felt up to a week early. Since we are "Lasers" we are confident we can take the "heat" and will be stronger in our faith and application of our "Oneness" because of it. This retrograde ends abruptly April 2nd in Pisces (Neptune Influx) and gives us an inner feeling of peace and invincibility as Mercury directs. Stay focused and call on your angels and guardians.
Our intense impersonal, transformational "friend" Pluto retrogrades March 13th in Sagittarius blending with Jupiters' masculine expansion influx. Because Plutos' action is so close to the new moon in Pisces March 17th (which begins March 15th the gentle wind of Neptune softens Plutos' blow and assists us with an aura of graceful transformation ushering the breeze of grace/unconditional love. Pax, Angel and Recorder of Cosmic Energies, smiles softly at this maneuver.
Mars in Scorpio retrogrades March 18th and gives us pause to doubt our self-worth and any projects we are involved in. Don't "buy" into it; use this time wisely and choose to move into more inner communication with your "Light" Mars doesn't direct until June 4th (in Libra) so keep that dialogue going.
March ends within the energies of Venus, the Harmonizer, as the 31st full moon in Libra offers us harmony as we "fine-tune" those inner and outer communications. Look for completion of cycles within this full moon associated with intimate relationships and in business partnerships. Take note: completion of cycles can mean moving into greater and more abundant relationships personally, socially and professionally.
Until next time (Remember time is choice)
Blessings and Grace
Channeled though Sunday, November 29, 1998
Leah Stansell-"Sensitive"

Leah/Krista Monday, October 7, 1996
1. NO Path-The path of "slumber" of little or no balance; and an unwillingness to express love or responsibility.

2. Beginning Path-The path of materialism and pleasure; however, a
minor awakening of love and resposibility.

3.Intermediate Path-Basically , an expansion of the Beginning Path; but drawn to dogmatic concepts.

4.Balanced Path-Much "awakening" on this path which is an intergration and balance of the Feminine Ray (yin/unconditional love); of learning how to express and accept unconditional love.

5. Harmonious Path-The path of the intergration and balance of the Feminine and Masculine Rays (yang/wisdom). Even more "awakening" and a sense of committment of this path.

6. Disciplinary Path-The path of extreme discipline and faith within "awakening" influx.

7. Transcendental Path-The path of total committment and dedication to Oneness and Harmonics (Unconditional Love and Wisdom).
The first question Creator asked was "Who am I?"
Creator answered: "I Am that I Am; I Am all there is
manifested and unmanifested."
Twelve Doors to Mastery
1. Rebirthing or Reawaking of the Truth (Law Of One)
Consciousness awareness of Divinity of self and all of creation.

2. Nurturing the Truth
Beginning of understanding of responsibility:
responsible only for yourself as an individual unit;
but responsible to others-discernment.

3. Living or Applying the Truth
Moving from 3rd dimensional consciousness to 4th dimensional
consciousness (from materiality to spirituality in thought, word and deed)

4. Baptism
Purification of lower emotional nature; forgiveness of self and others;
loving self and others unconditionally (understanding self and others
as One Self-as the Light Source)

5. Temptations-
Falling back into 3rd dimensional consionsness;
forgetting motive and purpose-threading of arrogance and competion;
instead of humility and cooperation.

6. Transmutation-
Path to service; alert chakras-energy distributations-to align and
integrate the "I Am Presence"; self correcting patterns to match
"core-seed pattern"

7. Uniting Your Twelve Healing Powers-
Expansion from personal to cosmic:
Present Harmonious Application or Expression

1. Faith 7.Understanding
2. Strength 8. Enthusiasm
3. Wisdom 9. Imagination
4. Love 10. Order
5. Will 11. Forgiveness
6. Authority 12. Life (Existence)

8. Cosmic Service Discipline; application or expression; conscious awareness-
LASERS (Love Activated Spiritual Energy Rays)

9. Transfiguration Negation of all fear Faith; Love and Wisdom
Personality and individuality are unified

10. Source Identity Experiencing Divine or Christ Consciousness or One Infinite Self

11. Application or Expression of CHRIST
"I Am that I Am; manifested and unmanifested."

12. Ascension-A radiating laser inter dimensional Servant/Master
Monday, September 26, 1988-Leah/Josh/Nicki/Ahm^en

 The photo above is from Leahs' Home Galaxy-Andromeda

Law Of One
Blessed is the Creator
Blessed art thou as aspects of the Creator
Blessed is all that the Creator has created
The Creator is all
Upon this Cosmic Law of One, all of Creators' Laws
are made manifest
May the Light of the Creator continue to radiate in and
through thee
Blessings and Grace unto thee
I Love thee; I honour thee; I respect thee.

Blessings and Grace unto thee
I Love thee; I honour thee; I respect thee.
Anton/Ahm^em per Kristos
Unknown date of origin
Channeled through Leah/Krista
Sunday, December 6, 1987
"All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all that I have not seen."
1)Law Of One-The first question creator asked was who a I?" Creator answered:
"I am that I Am; I Am all there is manifested and unmanifested." There is not one aspect of creation where Creator is not; inner equals outer equals Spirit or
Creator, the first Cause. Each unit of consciousness is seeded within the ovum of
Creator; each unit is unique, critical and purposed for each experience.

2)Law Of Truth
-Upon the truth of the Law Of One all of the Creator are

3)Law Of Harmonious Vibrational Response
-Creator said: "I will create order from chaos; and all
that I create will be seeded with a harmonious vibrational response." The
thought of separation is what creates separation & disharmony. Each unit is
not separate or isolated, but an integral part of the whole. All of creation is
interdependent and inter-connected; there is a natural order from the cosmic
the cellular level.
4)Law Of the Eternal Triangle-The Creator said, "I Am Kristos-Genesis. All that I create
will be seeded with the energetic vibrational response of the perfect pattern of
Unconditional Love; Wisdom and the Power to Create (Manifest) the Glory and
radiance of Creator-as Co-Creators."
5)Law Of Continuance-Creator also said : "I Am the Alpha & the Omega.
Henceforth from this rhythm there is no ending: Past Present and Future are
One-there is only the rhythm of the Eternal Now." Where you focus your
attention, your energy goes. Living in the Eternal rhythm is to experience
timelessness and spacelessness.
6)Law Of Companionship-Then the Creator said "that all I create, each unit
of consciousness, will be a friend, a guide or a helper. No unit need ever be
alone, unless he/she so chooses; help is always available-all units are threaded.
7)Law of Free Will & Privacy-Creator said: "Each unit will choose their
experience with my consent."
Monday, February 8, 1988-Leah/Ah^men/Josh