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Welcome to Leah's


We Hope that this site will serve to be informative as well as calming.

Leah, as well as James her son, who is responsible for creating & maintaining her website would like to thank the two following companies, with links to their homepage. Regardless of your preference of computer or internet browser, it can be said without a doubt that without the following two companies, our lives, as well as our computing experience would be vastly different than it is now.

ATTENTION: Order your signed copy TODAY!!!
Gypsy E.T. is available by mail for the price of $22 + $3.5 shipping. Books will be sent by priority mail. Send check or
money order payable to:
Leah Stansell
Route 4 Box 89
Glace, West Virginia 24983
If you would like Leah/Krista to sign your book please advise,
Thank you for your continuing support,
Blessings & Grace;

  The following are some selected quotes of interest:
Blessings and Grace unto thee.
I love thee;
I honour thee;
I respect thee.
Ahm^en/per Kristos
-Concept of Oneness-
"You have a Divine Spark Within; and once it is activated you begin in the highest sense of Cosmic Physics to integrate with the Cosmic Christ."-Leah Stansell
Every time a hand reaches out to help another...that is Christmas. Every time someone puts anger aside and strives for understanding...That is Christmas. Every time people forget their differences and realize their love for each other...That is Christmas."

"Healing"-An awakening to the Divinity within; a balancing and intergration of energies: an attunement of our mental (to include emotional) and physical bodies to their Spiritual Source."-Leah Stansell

Leah Stansell, a current resident of Glace, West Virginia, is a "Sensitive" meaning one who is both a telepath and an empath and a "channel" for numerous spirit guides to include: Josh, Assistant Keeper of the Akashic Records: Dr. Tiel, Psychologist; Tia, Astrologer; Mishna, Intergalactic Wizard; Ezeckiel, Assistant Energy recorder of Cosmic Energies and Anton, facilitator of the Andromeda Galactic Council (Leah's home galaxy) and various other guides. She continues to use her gifts to assist others through personal counseling-Leah is an "energy adept" and gives lectures, workshops, seminars and demonstrations throughout the United States & Canada. Leah has also assisted police departments as a psychic investigator.

If at anytime you need to contact Leah she can be reached by phone at-
304-536-3576 Or By email-Leah Stansell
Or By Snail Mail at:
Leah Stansell
Route 4 Box 89
Glace, West Virginia 24983

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