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Unsure About The Future?

Worried About Social Security?

Why not just declare Social Security a failure and eliminate the entire program."-Time Magazine. March 20, 1995

Fed Up With Taxes?

Americans worked until May 5th, on average, just to pay there taxes.

Do you know why you are LOSING money in a savings account?

Inflation and tax erode the interest that you earn in a savings account.

Do you have jitters about the financial markets?

"Even if you lost big last year, you shouldn't be curled up in a fetal position today.

Analysts who study the dynamics of the financial markets think they have sufficent momentum to shrug off the occasional bad economic report.-

Fortune Magazine,

Past Performance is no guarantee of future results

Begin investing in your future, and start investing with:

James Stansell

Independent Registered REpresentative

Route 4 Box 89

Glace, West Virginia 24983

(304) 536-1060


Quest Capital Strategies Inc.


25231 Paseo De Alicia, Suite 110

Laguna Hills, California 92653-4615